We believe that Vietnam is a country with a unique beauty. Vietnam possesses geographical advantage, topography, natural landscape and rich cultural identity that are not available in any other country.

In the context of deep global integration, tourism is one of the pillars of our economy. The whole community aspires and strives to make Vietnam a paradise of the modern world.

However, Vietnam is lacking of international tourism resort brands developed by Vietnamese people, helping to retain the value for Vietnamese people and affirming the Vietnamese tourism’s value in the international arena. It is a concern not only for our own but also for those who have a strong attachment to this country.

Aspiration to create an international hospitality brand owned by Vietnamese people has been cherished in my heart for over 10 years. After traveling around the world, having seen and felt the core values of the best international brand, we comprehend the way of transformation into international level of a new brand.

From aspiration to action, with love and enthusiasm, experience and understanding, my colleagues and I have launched RISEMOUNT, a brand of high-class real estate.

RISEMOUNT is an English abbreviation for River – Sea – Mountain, 3 key features in the endless beauty of our mother land – Vietnam.

We, with all the love and determination, together with the support of the Vietnamese people, friends and experts from all over the globe will definitely bring RISEMOUNT to the world.